Amethyst was the first piece of art I created after I moved to Happy Valley during a homesick spell. I wanted to distribute copies of this to friends but that plan morphed into something bigger. This was printed on stretched canvas and features a QR Code with the link to the playlist. The original print was displayed at Deep Roots Experience during the SheArt Vol. 2 show in 2020.


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My friends call me Meesh.

Former Coffee slinger from Cleveland, Ohio - currently based in Happy Valley. I assure you, this is an actual place. When I'm not annoying my friends with music spam I create art. To be more specific, I'm a digital creator who's work primarily consists of composites. Think collages - only a touch more intricate.

My weapons of choice are Adobe Photoshop and Procreate for iPad. Currently accepting art commissions that grant me full creative control.

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