Exhibition: Shadow Work at Cleveland LGBT

Shadow Work refers to the process of exploring our dark, hidden selves to produce the most authentic representation of who we are. Vulnerability is the tool to both expose and accept our truest selves. Reflecting in mirrors, meditation, open dialogue, and group exploration are some tools used to produce a true sense of self through Shadow work


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Work on Display

Hidden in Plain Sight

In Hidden in Plain Sight my aim was to bring attention to the ever-present shadow. I seized the opportunity to craft a distinct moment, portraying the model facing the sky, fragmented in reflection. Below, a faceless shadow is positioned directly, creating an eerie sensation of being observed.


Hidden in Plain Sight is available for purchase via Deep Roots Experience

Recovering People Pleaser

Among the pieces in this series, Recovering People Pleaser posed the greatest challenge. My goal was to convey the essence of setting boundaries without coming across as overly guarded. To achieve this, I emphasized the flowers overpowering the scene within an already secured space. The symbolism here is that love can flourish and grow abundantly even within defined limits.


Recovering People Pleaser is available for purchase via Deep Roots Experience


Diving into the theme of absolute self-acceptance, Duality explores the intricacies of embracing both facets of being a Gemini.


Duality is available for purchase via Deep Roots Experience

Smoke & Mirrors

Smoke & Mirrors delves into the intricacies of a contemporary relationship. Drawing inspiration from Alex Isley’s track of the same name and a poignant exchange with a former partner, the artwork immerses viewers in the disconcerting realms of gaslighting and ghosting.

Infused with symbolism, the shattered frame housing conversation bubbles becomes a metaphor for a fractured love spell, veiled in rose-colored smoke. Beyond this haze, an owl acts as a harbinger, signaling to the observer that appearances can be deceiving.

The thematic exploration extends to the messages themselves, where gray chat bubbles expose the sender’s manipulation to stroke their ego—depicted through a hot air balloon—and the intentional act of leaving the recipient on read. Amidst these exchanges, the recipient overlooks unmistakable warning signs, ironically shaped like hearts. Smoke & Mirrors offers a contemplative journey into the complexities of modern relationships, unraveling the illusions that often shroud genuine connection.


Smoke & Mirrors is available for purchase via Deep Roots Experience

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Hello, Friend.

My name is Tomicha and I'm a Cleveland native currently based in State College, PA. I'm a freelance designer and visual artist with 5+ Years of experience, and an Adobe Creator Camp Alumni. My work is versatile and dynamic and has been on display in several fine art exhibitions in Cleveland, Ohio.

The style of my work primarily consists of composites created digitally with Adobe Photoshop. Think collages - only a touch more intricate.

Feel free to explore my work here in this portfolio. There's so much to experience with static visual art and some audio and video experiences as well. I hope this body of work gives you a clear idea of who I am as a creative.

My commissions are currently open. Don't hesitate to drop a line in the contact form if you want to collaborate.

- Cheers


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