SAM'OL SHIT - Inspired By: Jean-Michel Basquiat Exhibition

SAM’OL SHIT: Mixed media print 30″x20″ on silver canvas – available for purchase.

SAM’OL SHIT was featured in the Inspired By: Jean-Michel Basquiat Exhibition at Wood & Green Black Art Haus in March 2021. My direction with this piece was to stay true to my composition style but also incorporate nods to Jean-Michel. This piece incorporates a quote from the documentary “Boom for Real: The Late Teenage Years of Jean-Michel Basquiat” from his friend Jennifer. Jennifer used this line to describe the feeling of seeing Jean’s work in a gallery for the first time. This quote always struck me because Jean did disrupt the art scene and I found it fitting for this piece.

Be sure to read the write-up about the Inspired By: Jean-Michel Basquiat Exhibition at Cleveland Scene. Photos of SAM’OL SHIT at Wood & Green are credited to Emanuel Wallace and are featured in the Cleveland Scene photo gallery.


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My friends call me Meesh.

Former Coffee slinger from Cleveland, Ohio - currently based in Happy Valley. I assure you, this is an actual place. When I'm not annoying my friends with music spam I create art. To be more specific, I'm a digital creator who's work primarily consists of composites. Think collages - only a touch more intricate.

My weapons of choice are Adobe Photoshop and Procreate for iPad. Currently accepting art commissions that grant me full creative control.

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